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Specialists in Weight-Loss & Fitness Holidays in Italy, Spain & Turkey

In 2004, RFH introduced the concept of weight-loss & fitness holidays to Spain.

We have since teamed-up with like-minded partners at a number of specially-selected locations to offer a fantastic combination of fitness and weight-loss holidays in Italy, Spain & Turkey.

We are proud to work with a specially selected team of personal trainers, guides and other specialists. All staff are highly enthusiastic about fitness and nutrition and they all work to make your fitness and weight-loss holiday as enjoyable and worthwhile as possible.

All of our centres are set in fantastic locations and have great facilities. Please see the pages for each individual venue for details.

Don’t worry, a weight-loss & fitness holiday isn’t all hard work!

Whilst we take your exercise programme seriously, the only thing that is compulsory on our weight-loss and fitness holidays is a desire to change. We make sure some downtime is built in to your schedule so you can make the most of your holiday or for when you have to catch up with work.

We pride ourselves on our ability to work with people of all shapes and sizes. There are no limits on age, size or level of fitness; we welcome everyone who is ready to make a change to their lifestyle or who simply wants to enjoy an active holiday in the sun!

Your Weight-Loss & Fitness Holiday with a Financial Guarantee

You should always be very cautious when booking a holiday. Many weight-loss and holiday providers come and go every year. Some “celebrity bootcamps” have gone bust, leaving their clients stranded and not paying a penny in compensation. At RFH Fitness we have been offering weight-loss and fitness holidays since 2004. We work only with carefully selected partners and we are confident that together we offer the best weight-loss and fitness holidays and boot camps available. We are so confident that our partners are serious professionals who are working for the benefit of our clients that we offer a unique financial guarantee:

In the event that any of our partners cancels your holiday without giving you a full refund, we will pay the excess on your travel insurance, up to a maximum of €150 per person.

This unique guarantee means that you should never be out of pocket at all if you book your weight-loss and fitness holiday through RFH Fitness.

The Team

Weight-Loss & Fitness Holidays: The Teams

All of our centres are staffed by personal trainers, guides and other specialists who are completely focused on making your fitness and weight-loss holiday as enjoyable and worthwhile as possible.  For full details, see the “Team” tab on each centre’s individual page.

The Office Team

Mel Richards: Founder, Managing Director & Administrator of RFH Fitness

Mel is the founder of RFH Fitness. He is a very highly qualified and experienced Personal Trainer, Sports Therapist, Boxercise and Kettlebell Instructor, an accredited coach with the British Association of Cycling Coaches and a member of both the Andalucian Cycling Federation and the Andalucian Mountaineering Federation.

Mel has many years of experience of trekking, cycling (both on and off road) and ultra-running – including successful participation in the Yukon Arctic Ultra and the Grand Union Canal Race, as well as a whole host of running, hiking, mountain biking and road cycling events in Andalucia and beyond.

Mel established RFH Fitness in 2004 and, since then, has worked with a variety of trainers and coaches to devise a programme that is often imitated, but never emulated!

Mel will normally be your first point of contact when you get in touch with RFH Fitness about your weight loss and fitness holiday and he is always available to answer any questions you may have.

Stephanie Richards: Administrator

Steph helps Mel with the enquiries. As the mother of a young daughter, Steph knows a lot about the challenges of juggling home and family life; as a qualified gym instructor, she understands the importance of making time to look after your health and fitness.

Steph now has to fit her running, walking and gym sessions around the family’s schedule, but she has previously hiked to the top of the highest peaks in Scotland, Wales, England, Northern Ireland and Spain, as well as completing multi-day treks in Spain and Norway.

Our Philosophy

Weight-Loss & Fitness Holidays: Our Philosophy

AT RFH Fitness, we believe that improving your health and fitness doesn’t have to be scary; it’s all about moderation and consistency – the small changes that make a big difference.

Men and women of all ages, shapes and sizes take a weight loss and fitness holiday with us when they want to improve their health and fitness. Many people take their vacations with us because they want to have a break from work whilst avoiding the negative effects that holidays often have on long-term health, fitness and mental well-being through over-indulgence, inactivity and boredom.

People take a weight-loss and fitness holiday because they want to escape to the fantastic climate of southern Europe, enjoy picturesque outdoor activities, do fun, structured, exercise classes, eat healthily and be able to relax in comfortable surroundings, whilst still being able to maintain contact with home and work when they want to or if they need to.

People visit our fitness and weight-loss retreats in Spain, Italy and Turkey because they are seeking a “boot camp” like experience, but don’t really want to suffer. Instead, they want to learn how to enjoy healthy exercise and they want to achieve lasting results.


Fitness and Weight-Loss Holidays: Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need insurance for fitness and weight-loss holidays?

Your booking does not include travel or accident insurance for fitness and weight-loss holidays. It is very important that you take out insurance before travelling which specifically covers the activities in which you will be participating and which provides cover for cancellation, curtailment, injury or illness during your holiday.

We recommend the policies provided by Sportscover Direct and Europesure, which can also be contracted for any other activity, fitness or weight-loss holiday not reserved through us.

The policies offered by Sportscover Direct are only available to residents of the UK and Ireland, but those offered by Europesure are available to residents of all EU countries.



If you already have general travel insurance in place, please check that it includes cover for fitness holidays. If not, please check out the “Activity Top Up” policy offered by Sportscover Direct. You only need to take out cover for the days that you will be training and the policy can be taken out after you have left the UK or Ireland.

Why should I book with RFH? What are the advantages?

You should always be very cautious when booking a holiday. Many fitness and weight-loss holiday providers come and go every year. Some “celebrity bootcamps” have gone bust, leaving their clients stranded and not paying a penny in compensation.  We only work with trusted partners.  We are so confident that our partners are serious professionals who are working for the benefit of our clients that we offer a unique financial guarantee:

In the event that any of our partners cancels your holiday without giving you a full refund, we will pay the excess on your travel insurance, up to a maximum of €150 per person.

This unique guarantee means that you should never be out of pocket at all if you book your fitness and weight-loss holiday through RFH Fitness.

RFH have been providing fitness, weight-loss and activity holidays since 2004. We work with a Spanish travel agent “Viajes Albatros” which is a fully-bonded and registered travel agent with CIAN (number CI-AN-18445-3), the Spanish equivalent of ATOL & ABTA. This means that we are bound by a code of conduct to ensure that you receive the best possible service and to provide compensation when required.

We accept payments by credit card, which provides an additional level of assurance. Our payment system is provided by Unicaja, which is one of the strongest banks in Europe. It uses the secure HTTPS protocol and asymmetric key cryptography with encryption standards compliant with international requirements. Your credit card information is shared only between you and the bank. We do not even get to see it.

What’s the difference between a fitness and a weight-loss break?

The difference is the emphasis given to weight-loss. A fitness break is focused on improving fitness with due regard to good nutrition. On a weight-loss break, the menu is more carefully controlled.

On all of our fitness and weight-loss holidays most people will achieve significant changes to their body shape which will include fat loss and muscle gain. We can also offer help for those who wish to increase their body weight.

Do you charge a supplement for single travelers?

No. The prices on this website are usually for single occupancy. However, we usually give a discount to those who wish to share a room.

Are you open throughout the year and can I arrive and depart on any day of the week?

The fitness and weight-loss holidays in Antequera are available every day of the year and you can arrive and depart at almost any time on any day and can book a holiday for almost as long as you wish.

The yoga & fitness holidays in Italy are usually available between April & October.  In Italy you can also arrive and depart at almost any time on any day and can book a holiday for almost as long as you wish.

The centres in Ibiza, Marbella and Turkey are available on specific dates and for specific durations, as detailed on the page for each retreat.

What is the food like and do you cater for vegetarians?

All of the kitchens at our fitness and weight-loss holiday centres pride themselves on their reputation. We have worked with the chefs to produce menus specially tailored to the needs of our clients. The meals provide all that you need to fuel your fitness activities whilst being carefully measured and prepared to support your weight-loss goals.

All centres cater for vegetarians.

How long is a fitness or weight-loss holiday?

We have achieved great results in as little as 4 nights. In Antequera and Bodrum, many guests stay for 3 to 4 weeks; some stay for even longer.

How fit do I need to be?

There is no minimum requirement. Our fitness and weight-loss holidays are organised to suit guests of similar abilities and interests. For most venues we need to know in advance if you are unable to hike over fairly rough terrain (or don’t want to ride a bike in Marbella and Antequera).

If you are very concerned about your health or level of fitness you may wish to consider joining us for a private course.

What can I expect to achieve?

Whichever of our fitness and weight-loss centres you choose, you will not only improve your fitness, you will also lose weight, de-stress and really get started on a fitter and healthier way of life. You will also be equipped with the knowledge and confidence to continue to work towards your own health and fitness goals when you leave.


Fitness and Weight-Loss Holidays: Testimonials

Please have a look through our client testimonials or Submit your own

Ibiza, July 2018

Wow, I had the most amazing 5 days ´Jump Start´ with Clare and James in Sol Beach House Ibiza. I came back home a different person! Their ‘training, mindset and nutrition’ approach makes you focus not only on having a fit body, but even more on being a happy and healthy person. And besides being… Read more “Ibiza, July 2018”

Marije, Holland

Antequera, September 2017

Hi Antonio, Thank you for the reports and the exercise/nutrition guidelines. I am of course missing you all and I’ve told all of my friends what a fantastic programme you provide but more importantly what a great bunch of people you are. I can honestly say I haven’t felt this fit in ages, I have… Read more “Antequera, September 2017”

Sue Reid

Tuscany & Antequera

Hi Mel, I had a wonderful time in Tuscany. Having been to Antequera 3 times before, I can honestly say that both Antequera and Tuscany are great programmes. I would happily do either again should the occasion arise. I got incredibly lucky with the group of guests in Tuscany during my week. It was the… Read more “Tuscany & Antequera”

Jennifer Stillman

We had a fantastic holiday,

We had a fantastic holiday, activities were tailored to suit us and all the fitness staff were all brilliant. Would definitely recommend!

Laura (Antequera, January 2016)

A very good formula!

Hello Mel, We did have a precious and great stay in Antequera. Both of us do have a huge improvement on our fitness level, at first point of view. What we really did appreciate most, is the individual approach. As I’m within the last month of preparing for my marathon in Valencia and my husband… Read more “A very good formula!”

Evi Wandelseck (Antequera, October 2015)

A great experience, highly organized

A great experience, highly organized in a professional and personal level. The combination of the environment, the facilities, the technical gym work, outdoor activities (walking and cycling) as well as the treatment and overall management by the team are excellent and very balanced, according to the objectives. Very good schedule. Coaches who accompany you constantly… Read more “A great experience, highly organized”

Federico (Antequera, August 2015)

I have just enjoyed a

I have just enjoyed a fabulous week in Marbella, I would recommend the camp to anyone without hesitation. The days were very enjoyable with a mixture of high intensity workouts and fun activities. The trainers were very helpful and coupled with Jan’s expertise they genuinely cater for all fitness levels and have your best interests… Read more “I have just enjoyed a”

Gary (Marbella, July 2015)

I was in the army.

I was in the army. Everyone around me was fit. We were all slim, eating and drinking machines. When we all left the army, 80% of us got fat. Those 80% continued to exercise more than your average adult (it’s in their “DNA”), but still the weight went on. The problem is they were all… Read more “I was in the army.”


Laura (Alicante January 2015)

I have just returned home from my 3rd trip [to Alicante] and am feeling, refreshed, revitalised and full of beans. It’s a charming place and since my last visit it has undergone some further improvements and refurbishments making the stay better than ever. I would highly recommend anyone to go who is looking to lose… Read more “Laura (Alicante January 2015)”

Laura (Alicante January 2015)

Couple (October 2014)

My wife and I spent a week fitness holiday in Marbella. It was a truly great experience with very professional and experienced trainers and the fantastic surroundings of the wonderful Marbella. We were training on the beach, in the parks and up in the mountains. We very much enjoyed the great variety of activities. We… Read more “Couple (October 2014)”

Couple (October 2014)


I am so happy that I spoke to Mel before booking my weight loss holiday! There were so many things that I hadn´t thought about and I was all set for a week of suffering but what I got was a week of great classes and actvities and even better results 🙂 Thanks again!!!!


Tiziano Puiatti

My time on the course was a truly invaluable experience. Mel’s expertise in both nutrition and fitness is impressive. He helped me train for a 7000m peak expedition which I made. He also put me on the right path to achieving sustained weight loss without unhealthy crash diets and significantly improving my overall health and… Read more “Tiziano Puiatti”

Tiziano Puiatti


Many thanks for an inspiring week (in Alicante). We have never had a holiday like it before. It wasabsolutely wonderful and you can all congratulate yourselves for making it as enjoyable as possible for us. We enjoyed every activity on offer. Yoga was a brilliant start to the day, the walks around the secluded hills,… Read more “Peter”



Thanks Mel for organising such a brilliant fitness holiday. Teresa and I both had a great time and achieved everything that we wanted. We never thought that a ´Boot Camp´ could be so much fun!!!



My partner and I have just had one of our best holidays ever with the fitness guys at RFH, sendero sur based at the Finca Eslava. It was an amazing experience. David and Antonio the guides were awesome, super friendly and incredibly knowledgable of the area. The hotel base was perfect with great food. We… Read more “Caroline”



I think that for my purposes, RFH does exactly what I want – gets me to lose weight and gain fitness as quickly as possible. I could not find anywhere on the Internet in Britain that had the right mix and approach, which is why I first came here 5 years ago. I live on… Read more “Tony”


Di Back

An excellent programme, beautiful surroundings and a kick start ot my weight loss porgramme. 1 week back and a further 3 kgs down! Well done guys – excellent value

Di Back


Just a quick note to say how great the week was that I spent with RFH. It certainly exceeded all my expectations. It was great fun, the activities were very diverse, the trainers are true professionals and I thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful landscapes during all the outdoor activities (OK, I enjoyed it more during the… Read more “Andrea”



I had an incredible time in Antequera last week. Everything went smoothly right from being met at the airport to being dropped off again at the end of the trip. The fitness programme was great, with plenty of variety so I didn’t get bored. The timings were also perfect to allow for some rest in… Read more “Nikki”


Freddie Vasquez

What a great break in a lovely part of the world. I am sure Christine and I will be back. I lost weight and we came away feeling fit and invigorated. The cycling and hiking were enjoyable and we even had some fun in the gym sessions. Thanks to David and Antonio.

Freddie Vasquez