I think that for my purposes, RFH does exactly what I want – gets me to lose weight and gain fitness as quickly as possible. I could not find anywhere on the Internet in Britain that had the right mix and approach, which is why I first came here 5 years ago. I live on my own and work for myself – I am not used to blindly obeying authority, so a military-style boot camp would not work for me. But I go to Rio-Frio because my will power is not good, so I do need to be pushed and supervised. Getting the balance right between pushing me too hard, or giving me too little structure is the work of a psychiatrist, which all of your staff manage to be very good at: some are brilliant at it! All of the staff have a good understanding of diet and nutrition, as well as various fitness techniques, so their combined knowledge is very impressive and helpful. The staff’s willingness to adapt and micro-manage the programme to suit my individual needs and preferences, is one of the great advantages of going to RFH. The hotel is very comfortable and restful, the staff always friendly and helpful, the food, within the constraints that RFH insists on, is very tasty. The sports facilities are excellent.