Antequera, September 2019

The holiday was not at all as we had expected from our experiences in the UK going to health farms where everything is pitched towards guests using facilities as and when they felt like it. So, of course, it was a bit of a shock to find that our first walk was before breakfast and other health activities during the day. The staff were all very knowledgeable and helpful and mindful of our particular needs, so that we could opt out of anything if that was our wish. We would like to say that we were very impressed with the care we had from fitness staff and the hotel was most comfortable with a wide variety of healthy foods on offer and the other kind if fancied!

Yes, we came back feeling we had indeed a much better idea of what we should be doing and we were given lots of good tips along the way. I was particularly pleased to know that I am not 80 at all, but actually 65 inside!!! Ken was not so delighted with his results, but it did give his liver a rest for at least a week during and after the holiday. Thank you so much. (As an ex Olympic coach Ken would not change a thing and felt our abilities were slightly challenged, but not over done!)

With all good wishes – Rosemary and Ken Wright