This was my second time at RFH. This time I brought my husband with me. I enjoyed the entire trip as much as I enjoyed the last one. The program and activities were just as I had remembered them and it was a pleasure working with and learning from Mel and Janina. The hotel was excellent: very comfortable and friendly service. It is really nice how especially the restaurant staff are so welcoming and personable and the food was good with lots of things to choose from so we didnt become bored with it. My husband had a wonderful time as well. He even admitted to me, “I never thought a fitness break could be so fun!” He is much more fit than me and he was pleasantly surprised that the program was so well-differentiated so that even on the hikes and bike trips there were challenges for both the fit and less fit guests. This is an excellent way to spend a holiday: we had fun, laughed a lot, ate well, made new friends, spent time outdoors in beautiful surroundings AND we came home in better shape than when we left!