I was in the army.

I was in the army. Everyone around me was fit. We were all slim, eating and drinking machines. When we all left the army, 80% of us got fat. Those 80% continued to exercise more than your average adult (it’s in their “DNA”), but still the weight went on. The problem is they were all still eating and drinking like young soldiers (which is also in their “DNA”). We all know exercise and diet are important for weight loss, but too many of us think they carry the same weighting. Having visited RFH I now realise that eating appropriately is far more of a factor for losing weight. Looking at my peer group and listening to the advice from Mel and the trainers taught me that you can’t out-exercise a bad diet – especially with a few 60-minute hectic sessions in the gym each week. With a consistent increase in activity levels and the right approach to eating, the weight drops off and all the associated benefits for improved wellbeing quickly kick in. Thanks!