Hi Mel, Thank you for an amazing 6 weeks of exercise, healthy eating and good fun. RFH runs a great program, and I really enjoyed myself and accomplished what I set out to do. I came to RFH with the hope of losing weight and breaking bad habits and replacing them with healthy habits. I lost 15 pounds and lots of inches while in your program, and have lost another 10 pounds in the 5 weeks I’ve been home. I have to thank Lisa Dells for her sessions, as she gave me some great strategies to use while I was there, as well as tips and tricks to use once I got home. Sticking to a new life style can be challenging, but Lissa’s after care has been amazing, and she not only sends me articles and motivational videos, but she also coaches me via Facetime. Many thanks for her continued participation in my ‘losing weight and getting fit’ program. All the activities were fun, but I loved the biking and hiking the most, and have to thank Antonio, David and Jose for being such amazing guides, and for making my stay there so enjoyable. The 3 of them are walking textbooks on the history, geography, geology and herbology of Antequerra and Andalucía, and our walks and rides were all the more interesting because of their connection to, and love for the area. The 6 weeks I was there flew by, and a skinnier and fitter me will undoubtedly visit again. I highly recommend your program to people who want an active holiday in a lovely area of Spain. Thanks Gerry P.S. I really, really miss the vegetable soup!