Dear Mel, Thanks for the data and the information. It is nifty to be able to reverse time and lose some years, metabolically speaking. The training and diet are continuing nicely – several sessions in the gym and jogging out in the forest. I have started peering at labels of food stuffs in the shops, and have a fridge full of healthy stuff, plus the orchard and the vegetable patch are just starting to bear fruit (and veg). My HRM has now got a new battery, so will be making use of that too. Energy levels have shot up and clothes are already starting to feel less stretched! So, thanks for everything – I really did enjoy the experience – it was just what I needed. The hotel was good, the whole gym complex is fabulous (I wish there was something similar nearby to me) and you have a great staff. And, I would certainly like to explore more of Andalucia. Kind Regards, Dallas