When I came to RFH I had lost all confidence in myself, and did not think anything could get me up out of the vicious circle I had spiraled into (too much food, too little exercise etc). By the time my two weeks in Antequera were over I can truly say that I had become a new person – and a younger one, as my metabolic age had fallen down into my 20s where it belongs. The weeks were in fact so good that I decided to stay for two more – and by the end of the month I felt so good that I dread to think where I would have been without Mel and RFH. If you need a kickstart – this is for you! Mel and Janina will push you hard in the gym, tailor-made exercises for every fitness level will give quick results and the delicious healthy food will teach you, hands-on, what your body really needs to work. The sessions with Lissa were very intense, but I learned a lot – good tips and tricks to keep me going after the safety of the program was gone once back home again. Yoga, walks and Pilates in the morning was a lovely way to limber up – and really appreciate your porridge. I was, as many participants, very nervous about the bike rides, but learned to love them soon enough. Sure, when cycling up a tough hill in mud and rain I cursed the seat and life itself – but once the results started showing and I grew stronger, I sort of welcomed the pain strangely enough. The hikes are a chapter to themselves; David, Mike and Janina are excellent guides and really taught us well about the environment we tumbled about in. The nature is breathtaking, and everywhere you look it’s like standing in a masterpiece. So, please, if you are reading this and wondering if RFH is for you – don’t think, just do! You will never regret it, you will make lifelong friends and you will spend time in the beautiful Andalucian magic that is Antequera! Whatever your story, RFH will make it better – and healthier too :)!