Hi Mel So it really doesn’t matter if you want to call it 100lbs OR 45kg OR 7 stone, but TODAY I *finally* lost all that. I kinda hoped for a ticker tape parade and a big brass band to start up as I stepped off the scale. Oh well. I’ll have a one person party instead! It’s been well over two years in the making…. Mel, I wanted to THANK YOU for giving me the tools and the confidence to get started way back in March 2010 and then to push through my plateau when I came again in October 2011. It’s been so rewarding to lose it slowly and sensibly. I feel so great and my life has changed. I even hiked up Helvellyn in the Lake District via Striding Edge two weeks ago. I felt physically fine (but it was still a bit scary). I credit the lifestyle change RFH helped me discover AND MyFitnessPal as the way to go. Any way, THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. When I met you and said I wanted to lose 100lbs., I wonder if you thought I’d do it. Well, I DID! THANK YOU again. You changed my life!