And They’re Off! – A New Start in Antequera, July 2020

Fitness Holidays AntequeraWe will be back up and running in Antequera with effect from 1 July 2020.

After the Covid-19 shutdown, our fitness holidays will be back up and running in Antequera from 1 July 2020. The hotel and gym staff have all been brought up to date with the new measures put into place to ensure guest safety and have already been working with clients for several weeks.

Visit the Fitness Holidays in Antequera page for details and book now to avoid disappointment!

New Dates for Marbella Bootcamp Fitness Holidays in 2020!

Check out the dates and prices for our Marbella Boot Camps in 2020!

Fitness & Weight-Loss Holidays in Marbella - Beach Training

With two camps in May and one camp nearly every other month, there should be a date that works for you! (If not, check out our breaks in Antequera & Tuscany for complete flexibility.)

Visit the Boot Camp Marbella page for details and book now to avoid disappointment!

New Venue for Weight-Loss Holidays in Turkey!

We are delighted to announce that we now have a new venue in Turkey, right on the coast not far from Bodrum!

At our centre in Bodrum, you can enjoy an intensive, focused and fun weight-loss and fitness holiday, far away from the stresses and distractions of everyday life, but just a short hop from many European and Middle Eastern airports.

Check out the weight-loss & fitness holidays in Turkey page for details and book now to avoid disappointment!

New Dates for Fitness & Weight-Loss Holidays in Ibiza, 2019

We now have confirmed dates and prices for our fitness & weight-loss holidays in Ibiza, Spain in 2019.

This fantastic programme continues to focus on short, high-intensity, luxury breaks. There are only 4 breaks scheduled throughout the whole of 2019.

Check out the fitness & weight-loss holidays in Ibiza page for details and book now to avoid disappointment!

Yoga & Fitness Holidays in Italy: Programme 2018

Yoga & Fitness Holidays in Italy: New Programme for 2018 now Online!

The programme for our yoga & fitness holiday in Italy is intensely active and incredibly enjoyable. It has just been updated for this year and still includes barre fitness classes, as well as daily yoga classes, circuit training and high-intensity intervals.

Check out the Yoga & Fitness Holidays in Italy page for more details or click the programme below to open as a pdf..

RFH Fitness - Tuscany 2018 Programme


Guest Post: The Best Ways To Prep For Cardio

Getting regular cardiovascular exercise is one of the best ways to keep yourself fit and healthy. The only problem is that once you’re in a regular routine, it can be easy to get lazy about the little things. That is to say, you might not be as diligent about preparing for your workouts or recovering from them. Recovery largely comes down to hydrating, stretching the relevant muscle groups, and making sure you get enough rest. It’s with preparation that even some regular runners have more problems.

These are a few preparation tips that may just help you get into easier and more effective cardio routines.

1. Try CaffeineFitness & Weight-Loss Holidays - Coffee

To get ready for this piece we did some research elsewhere and came across a fairly comprehensive guide to how to “crush” cardio workouts. Most of it was about how to design and stick to workouts that don’t become boring or ineffective. In the middle of the list, however, was the idea of trying a pre-workout dose of caffeine, which can improve endurance and increase athletic power in the short-term. That doesn’t mean you should go too far with caffeine – some energy drinks and sodas packed with it can have negative effects as well – but a cup of coffee or tea before a workout can be very helpful.

2. Work On Your Mentality

The same list that mentioned caffeine talked about playing the right mind games, and while it was specifically addressing brain fatigue, we’d actually simplify things a bit and just recommend you find the right things to think about to get yourself in the zone. Using running as an example, one of the worst things you can do is to focus on how much farther you have to run, or how much longer. Instead, try to figure out something to focus on that keeps your energy up and helps you maintain motivation. It might be thinking about something in your future you’re trying to lose weight for, it might be imagining you’re in a race or competition, or it could even be fantasizing about something altogether different that gives you a surge of energy. This is all stuff that should be considered and framed before you start exercising.

3. Try Deep Breathing

Deep breathing is something you usually see in connection to yoga routines and things of that nature. Though it recently surfaced as a recommendation in an article focusing on how competitors can calm themselves and maintain focus. In that article it was said that deep breathing actually sends a chemical message to the brain instructing you to chill out. In other words it can calm you down, even as it expands your lungs and prepares you for deep, effective respiration. That makes it more or less the perfect pre-cardio exercise, and it only takes a few minutes. The idea is to sit in a relaxed yoga position and breath in and out in equal counts through your nose for several cycles.

4. Find A Cardio Group

Finding a partner or a group is commonly recommended as a way to enjoy a long run or make it more likely that you’ll stick to a routine over time. But you should really think of it as a form of preparation rather than just a general long-term strategy. Just as you plan your workouts and figure out how to work them into your day, you should think about how and when you can meet up with cardio buddies so as to enjoy the aforementioned benefits. If you consider it all to be part of your routine, you’ll stick to it and find that the exercise feels easier and more fun.

New Dates for Fitness & Weight-Loss Holidays in Ibiza, 2018

We now have confirmed dates and prices for our fitness & weight-loss holidays in Ibiza, Spain in 2018.

The programme has been updated to focus on short, high intensity luxury breaks, with fabulous 4* and 5* options. There are some very special offers in May & October and non-residential options throughout the year.

Check out the fitness & weight-loss holidays in Ibiza page for details and book now to avoid disappointment!

Let´s Get Going for 2018!

It is beyond doubt that regular moderate activity is essential for good health, so why do so many people have such a hard time getting motivated to get active?

For many, setting goals can help and, as motivation takes many forms, finding what work for you is a personal issue. Would you like to complete a new activity, like climbing Kilimanjaro or cycling along the Danube to Vienna; or do you fancy completing a “Race for Life”, a 10K or even a marathon? Perhaps you want to help your partner, kids or friends get into better shape? Whatever your goals, working with a partner or a group of friends is often a great way to stay committed.

No friends interested or don’t know where to start? Signing up for group classes, hiring a personal trainer or joining a fitness break could get you on the right track and give you the knowledge and confidence to keep it going.

And don’t forget to reward yourself! Long-term health and the prospect of being around to enjoy life with the grandkids is often too distant a reward to get you out from in front of the TV, so make a list of special treats to go with your goals and reward yourself for every success. (Do I need to say what those rewards probably shouldn´t consist of? :-))

Tracking your progress is also a great way to stay motivated. Of all the programs out there for doing that, we like mapmyfitness & myfitnesspal, but there are loads of others. Find one that you like and amaze your friends with the incredible “stats” that your app produces. (Or bore them to death :-)) However, you don’t need an app to track progress, you can make notes anywhere, eg, in a diary, in a doc or in a spreadsheet. An app makes the whole thing easier, but isn’t essential.

Have fun working towards your goals.

We wish you health and happiness in 2018!

Great Prize Giveaway!

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Book your break in Antequera now and enjoy your vacation with us!