Let´s Get Going for 2018!

It is beyond doubt that regular moderate activity is essential for good health, so why do so many people have such a hard time getting motivated to get active?

For many, setting goals can help and, as motivation takes many forms, finding what work for you is a personal issue. Would you like to complete a new activity, like climbing Kilimanjaro or cycling along the Danube to Vienna; or do you fancy completing a “Race for Life”, a 10K or even a marathon? Perhaps you want to help your partner, kids or friends get into better shape? Whatever your goals, working with a partner or a group of friends is often a great way to stay committed.

No friends interested or don’t know where to start? Signing up for group classes, hiring a personal trainer or joining a fitness break could get you on the right track and give you the knowledge and confidence to keep it going.

And don’t forget to reward yourself! Long-term health and the prospect of being around to enjoy life with the grandkids is often too distant a reward to get you out from in front of the TV, so make a list of special treats to go with your goals and reward yourself for every success. (Do I need to say what those rewards probably shouldn´t consist of? :-))

Tracking your progress is also a great way to stay motivated. Of all the programs out there for doing that, we like mapmyfitness & myfitnesspal, but there are loads of others. Find one that you like and amaze your friends with the incredible “stats” that your app produces. (Or bore them to death :-)) However, you don’t need an app to track progress, you can make notes anywhere, eg, in a diary, in a doc or in a spreadsheet. An app makes the whole thing easier, but isn’t essential.

Have fun working towards your goals.

We wish you health and happiness in 2018!

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