Getting Set for a Healthier New Year

It is beyond doubt that regular moderate activity is essential for good health, so why do so many people have such a hard time getting motivated to get active?

Setting Goals for Motivation
ffFor many, setting goals can help. However, motivation takes many forms and finding what will keep you motivated to keep you working towards those goals is a personal issue. Would you like to complete a new activity, such as climbing Kilimanjaro or cycling along the Danube to Vienna; or do you fancy completing a “Race for Life”, a 10K or even a marathon? Perhaps you want to help your partner, kids or friends get into better shape?

Staying Committed
Whatever your goals, working with a partner or a group of friends is often a great way to stay committed. No friends interested or don’t know where to start? Signing up for group classes, hiring a personal trainer or joining us for a fitness break could get you on the right track and give you the knowledge and confidence to keep it going.

Reward Yourself
And don´t forget to reward yourself! Long-term health and the prospect of being around to enjoy life with the grandkids is often too distant a reward to get you out from in front of the TV, so make a list of rewards to go with your goals and reward yourself for every success.

Track your Progress
Tracking your progress is also a great way to stay motivated. Of all the programs out there for doing that, we like mapmyfitness & myfitnesspal, but there are loads of others. Find one that you like and amaze (or bore!) your friends with the incredible “stats” that your app produces. However, you don´t need an app to track progress, you can make notes in a diary. It´s just that an app makes the whole thing easier.

Have fun setting, pursuing & achieving your goals for next year!

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