Exercise is like brushing your teeth!

toothbrushNo, we haven`t gone mad! (Not totally anyway :-). We really do believe that exercise should be a simple daily habit; a habit that is as much a routine as brushing your teeth.

Our bodies are designed to move. In fact, they need to keep moving in order to stay healthy. Just as we all know that we need to brush our teeth, we should all think of exercise as something we need to do in order to maintain our health and to function correctly. (It doesn´t always have to be about how we look in the mirror.)

Now that we are into the holiday season and are looking forward to getting away from it all and taking the opportunity to rest and to recharge our batteries, we should try to resist the temptation to completely switch off and to give up on all healthy activities. Just as you would always brush your teeth at least twice (preferably 3 times) a day, you should view exercise as an essential daily routine.

Regular moderate to vigorous exercise like running, Nordic walking, brisk walking, or cycling will help you to see more of your holiday location, as well as providing all of the usual benefits of exercise, such as:

Keeping joints supple and muscles in good condition;

Reducing the risk of serious illness, including heart disease, cancer and diabetes;

Improving sleep patterns;

Increasing energy levels;

Burning off some of those extra calories consumed on holiday!

It isn´t necessary to join us for one of our fitness or weight-loss holidays or to make every vacation an activity holiday, simply pack your trainers (and, perhaps, a pair of telescopic Nordic walking poles) and make a point of fitting at least 20 minutes of moderate to intense exercise into your daily routine. We guarantee you will come home looking and feeling more refreshed and relaxed than if you give in to temptation and never leave the sun bed! As an added bonus, you will avoid that awful feeling of having to start all over again when you return to “normal” life after your holiday.

Have a great holiday! And don´t forget to clean your teeth 🙂

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