Are Your Fitness Resolutions Still On Track?

body_bg-11Now that we are well into 2014, how are your New Year´s resolutions shaping up? If they are now just distant memories, perhaps you should stop and ask yourself “why?”

There is a very good chance that you will recognise some of the following factors as contributing to this year´s lack of success:

You didn’t set proper goals. Did you really think about what you wanted to achieve and by when? Were you goals realistic and are you reminding yourself of them every day?

You didn’t have a properly structured programme. Were your nutrition and training programmes realistic, or did you set yourself up for failure by striving for perfection? Did you make pledges such as NO treats, NO alcohol, I will train EVERY day, and then find that “real life” got in the way?

You didn´t measure your progress. Did you weigh, measure or assess yourself in some way at the start and are you doing it at regular intervals now? How about sharing your results with someone who could help to keep you accountable?

It has been well documented that, in most cases, training and nutrition programmes work when they take account of factors such as these and fail when they don´t. If you have got this far into 2014 and feel that it has all gone wrong (again!), don´t despair and don´t write off this year. Set realistic goals, make a plan, get a programme that works, measure your progress and enlist support. It is never too late!

If, on the other hand, everything is going brilliantly, well done! Keep it up! We are still here if you fancy a holiday that will help you to build on your success and achieve even greater results.

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