A Lovely Testimonial about our Fitness & Weight Loss Holidays in Italy & Spain

Fitness & Weight-Loss Holidays in Italy & Spain – A Client Testimonial

Here´s a lovely testimonial from Jennifer who was recently in Tuscany and has previously been to Antequera 3 times.

Hi Mel,

I had a wonderful time in Tuscany. Having been to Antequera 3 times before, I can honestly say that both Antequera and Tuscany are great programmes. I would happily do either again should the occasion arise.

I got incredibly lucky with the group of guests in Tuscany during my week. It was the most special group of fascinating people with really interesting life stories. I picked up some handy tips and finally got convinced to try meditation.

Tuscany really has a special landscape and energy. Antequera is better if you want to be able to pop to shops in a 3 min taxi. Both are great in terms of being springboards to great cultural cities if you want to add on to the fitness trip.

The hotel service was very good and the food was excellent; healthy and delicious. I slightly preferred how in Antequera you can choose your own dishes daily, as I like lean protein and veg the most vs healthy carbs that was a feature in Italy. I thought the veggies in italy were amazing and slightly better than Antequera. I haven’t weighed myself yet but I feel better so both formats seem to work well. The format of workouts is similar to Antequera with hike plus circuit plus yoga. Both are great and Alix is a great yoga teacher.

Overall both Tuscany and Antequera are really great programs. I would say Antequera is marginally better for someone with more weight to lose like more than 5 to 10 kg, but this may just have been a function of the particular combination of guests in Italy who were very fit vs when I go to Antequera I tend to go at very quiet times where I luck out with “personal training”. The flip side is that it was motivating to try to keep up with all the fit people.

Alix and the hiking guides and trainers were great and I wholeheartedly recommend them. In Antequera, Antonio and David are very warm, special people who make you feel like family but still work you hard.

Jennifer Stillman (UK)

Fitness Holidays in Tuscany - Hike, Easter 2016

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