12 Principles of Healthy Eating

body_bg-3Your grandma was right! The principles of healthy eating have not changed a lot over the years, despite what you may have heard, even if they have been updated a little. If you have a problem with your weight or with energy levels, the chances are that you are not following these basic principles of healthy eating. Before you dive headlong into the latest fad, give moderation a try. It has a proven track record of success over many years and is usually much less expensive than the alternatives.

1. Eat 3 meals a day, including breakfast.

2. Have 1 or 2 healthful snacks a day, if you need them.

3. Eat a healthful type of protein, such as beans, fish or skinless chicken, at most meals.

4. Eat lots of vegetables (not potatoes), beans, and fruits.

5. Eat grains in the least-processed state possible: whole grain and wholemeal are the things to look out for.

6. Limit confectionary and desserts to occasional treats.

7. Eliminate or reduce sugar in hot drinks.

8. Eliminate sugar-sweetened drinks, such as cola.

9. Eat moderate amounts of foods with healthful fats, such as olive oil, nuts and avocados.

10. Limit saturated fats from dairy and other animal products.

11. Completely eliminate partially hydrogenated fats. (Found in many packaged and fast foods.)

12. Eat slowly and stop before you feel full.

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